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The story in English

The Dannebrog is the oldest flag in the world still being used. Mytholgy says that the white cross came down from heaven when the Danish King, Valdemar Sejr, was on his crusade to Estonia to convert the Estonian people to Christianity.

The battle took place around Reval (Tallinn) on the 15th June 1219 and was rather chaotic. During the negotiations the Estonian people attacked the Danish camp and the battle went backwards and forwards.

Tradition says that the Archbishop Anders Sunesen was sitting on a little hill during the battles, sitting with his arms raised to the Heaven praying for the victory. Each time his lowered his arms the Danes were in trouble. Therefore two priests helped him keep up his arms.

During the battle a flag, of the same form as we know it today, fell from the sky, a voice proclaiming that the Danes would gain the victory; and so they did.

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